First off, I would just like to give a big thanks to all my new followers. I appreciate the support – really I do. I realize I haven’t given you guys an update on what I am currently working on, so I thought I would do that before I head out for the holidays. 

Honestly, I’ve been working a lot, hence the lack in posts. I have also been pulling my hair out a bit, just from the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to really step up my writing.

So here’s what’s ahead for me for 2020:

  • CBC Non-fiction contest: Last year I submitted an essay called Empty Rooms. It’s a heart-wrenching account of a miscarriage I had, and the remaining empty rooms in the house we just bought. I will be reworking it and submitting it again. I am also working on a new essay called The clown in the woods. It’s a story from my elementary school years about how a composting lesson from our teacher got him suspended. More on that one later. I’ll submit these in February and likely won’t hear back until September.
  • I have just finished a new picture book about a famous spider. It’s a fractured nursery-rhyme type book. I am just editing it now and will hopefully be querying shortly after my CBC submissions. 
  • YA novel: Yes, still plucking away on this one. I’m 52 pages in, and I still love where I’m headed. This will be a focus after submissions and querying.

It’s a tall task, but I’m trying to get all of these things completed before my son heads off to Kindergarten in September. After that happens, I’ll be applying for new freelancing projects (fingers crossed), which you can expect a lot of blog posts on in the near future. I have a ton of tips to share about freelancing!

I’d love to hear what you guys are working on. Drop your comments/links below. 

Happy Holidays!


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